Conversation Starter

The following topics are provided to initiate discussions about sharing your home with a student.

  • Holiday schedules
  • How to handle when your own kids come home, (who uses what rooms/space?)
  • Host’s/Student’s expectation of meal times together
  • Food access
  • Cleanliness expectations:  bedroom, dishes, bathroom and common areas
  • Pets – expectations to help with  and/or is student allowed a pet
  • Help with family members (children, elderly)
  • Schedules in and out of house, school, social, and work 
  • Privacy expectations
  • Hosting friends and/or social gatherings in the home
  • Laundry facility available
  • Access to  house with keypad or house key
  • These are a few examples. Please take time to think about what is important to you prior to your initial conversation. Keep lines of communication open.  While living with others can be both challenging and rewarding, a  successful match depends on good communication and a through understanding expectations.