8 Tips for Surviving Finals Week

By: Alexis Walters | Nov 27 2018

If the fall semester is a marathon, you’re about to enter the final mile of the race. The long, luxurious winter break is so close, yet so far. So, how do you avoid hitting the wall? It’s simple… let this post be your tiny, hydrating cup of water that gives you the strength you need to cross the finish line.

1.) Remember that caffeine is your friend, just not your best friend.


It comes in many forms: coffee, soda, tea, and energy drinks. Whatever your drink of choice is, you’re going to need that extra energy boost to help you with the long study sessions you’ll be doing soon. Just don’t rely too much on it, especially if you don’t drink it normally.

In college, I didn’t drink much coffee or soda. During finals week, I ordered a triple espresso and had such a bad stomachache that I wasn’t able to concentrate on my studies. Everything in moderation.

2.) Find a quiet place


No, I’m not talking about the thriller starring John Krasinski. In order to focus on your studying, it’s necessary to find a private, quiet space where you can cram in peace. This could be a library, or your private room found through Connect Room & Board.

Interested in finding your quiet place? Click here to learn more.

3.) Pop on your summer sunglasses


When you finally leave your study cave and are confronted with the harsh light of the morning after cramming for a final, you’re going to need a pair of sunnies to hide those dark under eye circles from the outside world.

4.) Try making flashcards


I know it sounds old school in our fast-paced digital world, but re-writing key points on flashcards really does help lock information into your memory. Plus, they make it easier to study with a partner or group, which can add some much needed socialization to your finals week.

5.) Make sure you have enough pens and pencils


Is there anything worse than running out of ink during an essay exam and having to sneakily ask those around you for another one? Or what about only having pens when your final is one of those bubble tests that are only valid if filled out with a #2 pencil? Don’t be that guy (or girl). Stock up on pens and pencils before finals.

6.) Live in your comfy clothes


Finals are basically a free pass for you to look like a scrub for an entire week. Bust out your sweatpants, yoga pants, and fuzzy socks, and be prepared to live in that outfit for days. There’s no time to do laundry or shower when you’re studying up until the second your exams start. Savor it, because this free pass ends when you get your diploma.

7.) Order lots of take-out food


If there’s no time to do laundry or shower, there’s definitely not time to cook during finals week. In order to keep your energy up, delivery and take-out will be your saving grace. So open up your favorite delivery app and start meal planning, because that’s the only app you’ll be using for the next week.

8.) Have a bottle of champagne (or sparkling cider) ready to pop when you finish


After finals are over, it’s important to reward yourself with a small celebration. Besides, looking at that bottle while you’re studying will keep you focused on the end-game. Treat yo’ self!

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