6 Things to Do on a College Break

By: Alexis Walters | Jan 11 2019

While everyone loves a nice, long break, it can be hard to adjust to having a lot of time on your hands when you’re used to the busy college lifestyle. Whether you’re back visiting home, or stuck in your empty college town, here are a few ideas to help you make the most out of your time off.


1.) Reconnect with Friends and Family


Whether you go to school far from home or nearby, the busy nature of college life can certainly make it easy to lose touch with loved ones. During your long, luxurious breaks, make sure to carve out time to catch up with anyone you’ve been missing. Even if you can’t go home over the break, try to set aside time for a few phone calls or video chats.


2.) Catch Up on Your Sleep


In order to get the most out of your break, it’s crucial to rest up and recharge for next semester. After a semester of pulling all-nighters for exams, essays, and finals, it’s about time you get back on a regular sleep cycle. So snuggle up in your bed, and count some sheep.


3.) Pamper Yourself


Along with rest, it’s important to make time for relaxation, too. During your break, find time to do something that relaxes you. It could be as simple as reading your favorite book, or it could be as extravagant as a massage. You study hard all semester, so be selfish and do something that brings you joy.


4.) Pick Up a New Hobby


With all this time on your hands, it might be a great time to explore new hobbies. Perhaps you can even bring one back to school to help remind you to set aside time for your interests. Need some ideas to get you started? Check out puzzles, knitting, coloring, or whittling.


5.) Get Organized


There’s no better time than during a long break to de-clutter your life. Resell old textbooks, throw away papers and notebooks you’ll no longer need for your studies, and start preparing materials for your classes next semester. It’s much easier to go back to school with all of your ducks in a row.


6.) Save Up Some Money


With tuition and housing rates constantly rising, it’s important to make sure you can afford your upcoming classes and living expenses. Did you go home for the break? Enjoy some of your parent’s home cooking instead of going out. Can’t land a seasonal job? Look into ride sharing and delivery companies, dog walking, babysitting, or easy side jobs you can pick up for a few weeks while you’re not in class.

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