5 Things You Won’t Need to Buy for College if You Use Connect Room & Board

By: Alexis Walters | Nov 13 2018

Let’s be real… dorm life is awkward. I know it was for me. In most cases, you’re sharing a room with a stranger in a building of people you don’t know, and on top of that, you’re all using the same bathroom.

With a random roommate, you don’t know what you’re getting into. Who is this person? How much space are they going to take up? Can I trust them? And don’t forget the cumbersome negotiations on who brings a television versus who brings the appliances—isn’t college expensive and stressful enough?

When you use Connect Room & Board, you’ll have peace of mind and privacy in your own bedroom within a vetted family’s home. On top of that, you’ll save money, not only on your housing, but on all of the stuff you’d have to buy for dorm living.

1. Shower Shoes


Hands down the worst part about living in a dorm was the communal bathrooms. Everyone has heard horror stories about getting athlete’s foot from going barefoot in the dorm showers. Also, who wants to wear shoes in the shower?

Some of the host families that work with Connect Room & Board offer private bathrooms, and if not, you’re only sharing with just a few people instead of hundreds. So, erase those shower shoes off of your back-to-school shopping list and register today!

2. A Safe


Another inconvenient thing about showering in a dorm is you have to lock up your room while you’re in there. How else are you going to protect your belongings from the hundreds of residents and their visitors roaming up and down the halls? What if you forget your key and you get locked out of your room wearing only a towel? Talk about a true college nightmare!

Before moving into the dorms, I remember having to drop a good chunk of change on a jewelry box with a combination lock to make sure no one stole the ring that my aunt gave me for graduating high school and the little cash I had. Luckily, all of the host families with Connect Room & Board are put through background checks, so you don’t need to be worried about protecting your valuables when you’re not in your room.

3. A Microwave


Cup of Noodles and Easy Mac— the life force of college students everywhere. Who has time to cook with a full load of classes, homework, and studying taking up every waking moment of your life? Microwaves are a necessity for quick, easy, college meals, and host families that partner with Connect Room & Board have full kitchens that may even inspire you to expand on your culinary creations!

4. A Mini Fridge


Mini fridge companies are pretty much kept in business by dorm room-dwelling college students. Where else are you going to put your left over pizza? The only problem is, they’re expensive, and don’t have much room to store the essentials. My mini fridge in college wasn’t tall enough to store a gallon of milk, and the “freezer” was microscopic. On top of that, imagine having to share that tiny fridge space with a roommate (who may or may not regularly clear out their expired food).

5. Expensive Headphones


One thing I wish I would’ve had in college was a pair of high-end headphones to block out various disturbances like: my roommate’s telephone conversations, all-night parties in the room next to me, my roommate’s favorite show on full blast the night before a big exam, and last but not least, awkward fights between my roommate and her boyfriend.

The only problem was, I couldn’t afford $200+ headphones, so I just had to grin and bear it. While nice to have, they wouldn’t be a necessity in a private room within a quiet family home found through Connect Room & Board.


Interested in applying as a student? Learn more here. Interested in the opportunity to help a student save money while earning money for your spare room? Apply as a host here.

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